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"Da Andrea" Restaurant

“Imagine having a dinner one evening watching the beautiful flight of the flamingoes while you are eating the most exquisite tuna of Mediterranean Sea”

I viaggi del sole 24 ore

Da Andrea Restaurant, also known as “Osteria della Tonnara” restaurant is located in the seafront of Carloforte wich is the only country of San Pietro island.

Our restaurant doesn’t want to be an haute cusine restaurant but it is simple and familiar with a specific identity that is hard to forget.

First of all, the line of the restaurant is characterized by a particular care in the selection of all products. In particular the tuna, and the others products originated by it come directly by the Tonnara ( a system of nets and traps for the capture of tuna) of Carloforte but also the offer and the cook of fish is based on fresh fish that local fishermen daily offer to us.

Our cooking is simple. We trust in the respect of the tradiction and we want intensify the ancient cooking of our country.

Our cooking wants also to respect every singular ingredients and the raw of material. The most important is the “red tuna” called in italian “tonno di corsa”, the king of the sea.  It is still fished in the Tonnara of carloforte with the ancient ceremony of “Mattanza”.

But the local cooking it is not only tuna: we want to keep intact with passion other hers and spices, other flavours that you can taste on our restaurants.

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The new website of the Ristorante da Andrea -  Osteria della tonnara is online, with Magdalena Rosso's blog, a lot of photos, the newsletter and more.


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